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Things to do in your garden during May


1. Many annual and perennial weeds are flowering. Pull them out before they have a chance to set seed.

2. This might be the last chance to move plants. Leave it much longer and you’ll have to spend the summer nurturing the plants you’ve moved.

3. Don’t hold back on seed sowing and planting any longer. Buy a roll of fleece to protect your new purchases from any late frost and make a habit of tuning into the local weather.

4. It is not too late to improve your soil with a layer of mulch. Remove all weeds and then on a warm and wet day apply a layer of mulch. This will conserve water, reduce weeds and improve the structure of the soil.

5. Climbing plants will need training into supports so have garden ties at the ready.

6. Give your lawn a boost and scarify, aerate and apply a spring lawn feed. Now is also a great time to sow grass seed or lay turf.

7. Keep a watchful eye out for slugs and snails. Go out at night with a bucket and torch and pick them off your precious plants. Act now and this should reduce the problem later in the summer.

8. Give your garden furniture a much needed spring clean.

9. Is your mower ready to jump into action – might be a good time to get it serviced?

10. If planting containers don’t forget to add some slow release fertilizer.

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